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Climate Caucus Meeting Schedule
Thursday 12 PM on
April 1
April 8
April 22
Climate Caucus Resilience Group
Thursday, April 15

All meetings will be streamed on YouTube and will be available to watch at any time.

March 18th CSC Resilience Workgroup mini panel “Transportation and Resilience” with panelists Joe Segale, Planning, and Research Bureau Director, Agency of Transportation, and Jim Ryan, Municipal Roads Program Coordinator, Dept. of Environmental Conservation. 


2/19/2021 update from Sen Pearson and Rep Sarah Copeland-Hanzas: Priority bills
2/12/2021 Climate Solutions Caucus update: Co-Chairs of the Vermont Legislative Climate Solutions Caucus, Rep. Sarah Copeland Hanzas, and Sen. Chris Pearson talk with Rep. Becca White about the happenings in the House Transportation Committee.
2/11/2021 Resiliency Session: Forest Resilience (pt 1). Speakers: Commissioner Snyder of Vermont Forests, Parks, and Recreation and Climate and Energy Policy Manager for the Nature Conservancy, Lauren Oates.
2/5/2021: The co-chairs of the Vermont Legislative Climate Solutions Caucus, Senator Chris Pearson, and Representative Sarah Copeland Hanzas chat with Lauren Oates, Climate and Energy Policy Manager at the Nature Conservancy Vermont. Lauren is on the Vermont Climate Council and shares updates about what’s happening. Visit their website at https://bit.ly/vt-climate-council-2021

1/28/2020 – Resiliency: Presentations from Rob Evans, State Rivers Program Manager & Shayne Jacquith, Restoration Manager at the Nature Conservancy
Co-Chairs Rep. Sarah Copeland Hanzas and VT State Senator Chris Pearson discussed what’s happening with the Climate Caucus so far this session.

Vermont Climate Council of Act 153

With the passing of the GWSA, came the creation of the Climate Council – a body of experts that will represent key sectors in Vermont’s response to climate change and ensure representation of Vermont’s communities. For contact information, member list, and meeting dates and information, check out their website here.

House and Senate vote to override Gov. Scott’s veto of GWSA

“The Senate voted 22-8 to override Gov. Phil Scott’ veto of H.688, the Global Warming Solutions Act, enough to win the two-thirds approval needed in the chamber. The House did the same last week with a 103-47 vote.” Media story

Senate approves Global Warming Solutions Act

The GWSA passed final reading in the Senate on 6/26/20 with a 23-5 vote. The bill will now be sent to the House for final review and then sent to Gov. Scott. A big thank you to everyone for all your work and energy in voicing your support for this critical bill. To view the official bill as passed by the House, click here. To view the Senate’s proposed amendments, click here. Media story

Climate Solutions Caucus Virtual Meeting 3/23/20

The Legislative members of the caucus met virtually for the first time to discuss pathways forward for economic recovery and climate resilience. To watch the whole meeting click on the screenshot!

Weekly Update, March 13, 2020

Energy Action Network (EAN): 2020 Summit

  • Latest data and analysis on where Vermont stands relative to our renewable energy and emissions reduction commitments.
  • Visionary, strategic proposals about how we can rapidly, cost-effectively, and equitably reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas pollution.
  • Comprehensive networking with other leaders working on and passionate about energy and climate issues (see “pitches” and more here)

Energy Action Network (EAN): 2019 Annual Progress Report

The Energy Action Network (EAN) produces an annual analysis of Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy development, and emissions reductions goals. This year, they provide an in-depth analysis on a pathway forward that would transition Vermont away from fossil fuels while diversifying its energy portfolio and boosting the economy. Download the full report or read a summary of the “Key Findings” here.

Transportation and Climate Initiative

The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) is a regional collaboration of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and the District of Columbia that seeks to improve transportation, develop the clean energy economy and reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector. 

The Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) held several public meetings in 2020 to receive feedback on TCI. Find more about TCI or provide feedback here.