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VTDigger – Emissions reduction bill clears Senate Committee

“The bill appropriates $972,000 to support any administrative costs or resulting actions that the ANR takes on the strategies prescribed by the council for fiscal year 2021. Walke called this the “bare minimum” needed for the agency to carry out the responsibilities that will be created by this act.”

“Vermonters get it. Many Vermonters understand that joining TCI would be a good move. The Winooski City Council specifically endorsed TCI through a resolution. To quote a statement from VPIRG: “Of the 353 comments submitted by Vermonters through the Scott administration’s TCI portal between April 2019 and February 2020, more than four out of five comments (83%) support the initiative.””

VTDigger – “Vermont House approves climate bill requiring state to meet emissions goals”

“The legislation, H.688, known as the “Global Warming Solutions Act,” which the House gave preliminary approval in a 105-37 vote, is the result of a push from Democrats seeking to take decisive action on climate change this year.”

CLF – “Support a Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act”

“The Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act would deliver real solutions. It creates a Vermont Climate Council to recommend actions that achieve the needed reductions by 2050 with clear benchmarks along the way.”

Times Argus – “Mothers plead for action on climate change”

“[Abby] Mnookin stressed 350 Vermont’s support of the four Rs — reform, resist, reimagine and recreate — which were designed to steer a path away from fossil-fuel use and new infrastructure and build solutions “for the health and safety of our collective future.””

VPR – “‘We Have No Strategy’: Lawmakers Eye New Plan For Emissions Reductions”

“In 2007, Vermont passed a statute setting lofty goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Thirteen years later, according to a recent inventory, overall emissions remain at about the same levels as when Vermont enacted the law.”

VTDigger – “Daniel Gatti : TCI would help rural Vermonters”

“The science is clear that Vermont and other states in the Northeast will experience increasingly intense storms as a result of a changing climate…We need to do more to protect our rural communities from climate change while we also take aggressive steps to reduce our emissions.”

Times Argus – “The time is now”

“There is not one piece of the plan that should be considered over another. We believe lawmakers should look at all four of the legislative priorities, and consider them as a whole. “

The Bennington Banner – “Climate caucus eyes ambitious agenda”

State data indicate that, as of 2015, emissions in Vermont were about 16 percent above 1990 levels.”

VTDigger – “Caucus: Emissions reduction is linchpin of climate legislation”

“Most of Vermont’s emissions come from transportation and heating; reducing emissions from those sectors has dominated recent climate policy discussions.”